What are warm and cold colors

Warm and Cold Colors Meanings

What are warm and cold colors?

Warm and cold colors are those that convey a sensation of heat or cold. The warm colors associated with fire are yellow, orange and red and the cold colors related to water and cold are blue, green and violet.

The German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) determined the “Color Temperature”, according to the sensations of heat and cold, where warm colors transmit sensations of heat, associated with the sun and manifest dynamism, movement and liveliness. For its part, the cold colors are related to the cold that correspond to attitudes of introspection, seriousness, and at the same time create feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

According to chromotherapy, warm colors are stimulating and cold colors are calming.

On the other hand, the use of colors are important and used as strategies in other contexts. In interior design, warm colors are customary to use in large rooms to create a cozy atmosphere, while cool colors are ideal for small rooms in order to create a feeling of a large space.

Regarding makeup, hot or warm colors are applied depending on the individual’s skin type, which can also be classified as warm, cold or neutral skin. For this, experts indicate that warm skin has golden, peach, reddish, tan tones, and for its part, cold skin has beige, pink, white.

According to marketing, colors are used as strategies since they have effects on psychology and the purchase decision, and allow incentives for certain attitudes on the part of consumers. For example: in fast food restaurants, hot colors encourage users to eat and leave the store quickly to make room for other customers.

Color circle

The chromatic circle is the visual representation of the primary, secondary and tertiary colors, they are: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet, orange red, reddish violet, yellowish orange, greenish blue, yellowish green.

According to this methodology, warm colors are located on the left side of the circle and cold colors are located on the right side of the color wheel.

Neutral colors

White, black and grayish colors are considered neutral colors, since they have little or no light. The gray color has its origin in the mixture of tones between the black and white color.

What are warm and cold colors