Worldview Meanings

Before entering fully into the analysis of the meaning of the term cosmovision, it is interesting and fundamental that we resort to establishing its etymological origin. In this sense, we could highlight that it is a neologism, «Weltanschauung», made up of words from the German language: «Welt», which can be translated as «world», and «anschauen», which is synonymous with «to look».

Specifically, it is believed that it was the German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey who created this neologism in the period between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that if we choose to resort to Greek we will discover that cosmovision is a word that is made up of «cosmos», which is equivalent to «order», and the verb «visio», which means «to see». ”.

A worldview is a way of seeing the world.

What is worldview

According to, worldview is the way of seeing and interpreting the world. It is the set of beliefs that allow us to analyze and recognize reality from our own existence. You can talk about the worldview of a person, a culture, a time, etc.

For example: “The Aztec worldview was very complex and included a fluid exchange between the world of the living and the world of the dead”, “The most radical Muslims have a worldview very different from ours, but it is difficult to understand their actions ”, “You have a very particular worldview that I cannot accept”.

A comprehensive look

It is important to note that a worldview is comprehensive ; that is, it covers aspects of all areas of life. Religion, morals, philosophy, and politics are part of a worldview.

Social relationships, culture and education are key when it comes to the development of the individual worldview. Human beings are social beings and no one grows up totally isolated and oblivious to the environment.

A religion is usually constituted as a worldview.

Characteristics of a worldview

In addition to all of the above, it is important to underline that for worldviews to take place and be considered as such, these circumstances and elements must be met:

  • Something exists.
  • All individuals desperately seek a point of reference that is infinite, be it a God, man, a feeling…
  • The fact that there are two totally contradictory statements indicates that one of them is not true.
  • Anyone practices the faith, each in their own way and based on their principles.

This is how worldviews take place that usually revolve around issues such as what happens to a person when they die, what exists and why, how can it be established that something is right or wrong, what is the existence of the human being …

Art, religion, philosophy and politics

Art is a vehicle that allows expressing or reflecting a person’s worldview. Through artistic manifestations, the subject expresses his representation of the world and his values.

It can be said that religions, philosophical systems and political doctrines form worldviews, since they provide an interpretive framework to interact with reality and develop certain ethical and moral patterns. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, humanism, and Marxism, in that sense, can be considered worldviews. Those who try to impose their worldview by force and do not accept dissent are known as fundamentalists.